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Slot Games

Visions Play surprises you with our classic collection of slot games. Our video slots come with themes to give users the best gaming experience. There are a number of slots for you to choose from depending on your mood. These slots guarantee optimal engagement with our players. 

Our slots give a thrill to every player or user with their gripping gaming titles, rousing sound effects, phenomenal graphics, and more. We create our slots for all levels and tastes. We aim to meet the gaming requirements of all our clients at the best that we know. 

With a wide selection of slots and bonus games, rest assured we have something for everyone to play. Go for an adventure with Visions Play as we offer you choices between the classic and innovative video slots. For sure, you will never run out of the game to play with us. 

Play with your friends and even those you’ve just met with our massive tournaments. We also have bonus games and free gifts with amazing features just for everyone.

Here’s what you may expect from our slot games:

  • A wide selection of theme-based slot machines.

  • Optimized for your Android as well as iOS phones and tablets.

  • Use of powerful boosters transforming reels into win machines.

  • Join competitions in LIVE tournaments showcasing huge payouts on mobile.

  • Earning free coins daily with free wins and prizes.

  • Connect to Facebook and let you play on any device (phone or tablet), anytime!

We are still adding up new slots to our existing though. So, come and check us out from time to time. And with our exciting bonus games and fun experience, no wonder more and more users visit our website to play.

Casino Management System 

With Visions Play CMS, you have an assurance of an innovative system in managing a casino. The system is equipped with a Cash or Player Tracking Card enabling the operators to link Visions Play solutions into the machine park. It manages mini-casinos with several machines up to a full service to gigantic casinos with different machines. Businesses with more casinos are likely to control the individual units from a central server. 

One-stop control

CMS allows casino operators to complete their floor management control. Initially, this system is designed and developed for controlling casinos and arcades in one place. It is based on client-server technology making it fully modular. Thus, the system makes the optimization of accomplishments and resources easy. The addition of cash cards or desk- terminals, or cabinets on demand is easy. Other than connecting the machines, CMS can easily link products from various manufacturers. 

Currently, Visions Play CMS, in its various combinations and versions, is installed in over 200 casinos and arcades. CMS is designed to meet the local requirements and expectations of both the operators and players. In fact, CMS can also be linked with the Jackpot solution.

CMS Features and Functions

  • Connection of gaming machines and locations with the central server

  • Real-time supervision (casino reception, high wins, jackpot, slots)

  • Online accounting system based on the customers

  • Innovative client-loyalty system

  • Revenue control and accounting

  • Web-based business intelligence modules that support management decisions

  • Prohibitions management

  • Cash center for ticket payouts

  • Modular and extendable system

  • Support for the operation with a central server

  • Integrated jackpot solution that includes all reports and management

  • Simplification of gambling operations

  • Making the bookkeeping process 

  • Real-time monitoring and valuable statistics delivery

  • Guarantees player communication

  • Ensures security while preventing mistakes

  • Reduction of costs through bundling operations

  • Maximization of operator revenue. 

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Slots online & Social  Applications

Play the best Visions Play games online

Visions Play brings entertainment to the comfort of your home. Our online gaming platform division starts to expand to the global online and social gaming market. We are launching our online games from the casino floor so users can enjoy playing online anytime and anywhere. 

The customization online gaming platform features Visions Play casino slots. All the games are in HTML format which can be played on desktops, mobile devices, and any other platform. Each of these games is already tried and tested in the land-based gaming segment before being released in the online market. 

Game content

Visions Play online game portfolio features various authentic video slots, roulette, blackjack, and poker. This online offer is continuously increasing with our regular game release. Such online gaming transfers the feel, math, and look straight from our casino slots to our online platform.

We implemented popular games from land-based casinos to the universal technology of the HTML platform. It gives a huge advantage to players as it allows them to enjoy playing their favorite games on any device without downloading any app from the marketplace or app store. 

Back office

The back-office solution from our system allows you to manage your content and control your game performance. We have special analyzing tools to facilitate our customer support and track game performance. 

The solution enables players to add their personal affiliate program to their online casino. What they need to do is to look for affiliate partners bringing new players to their casino. Both parties can profit out of this when they share the extra additional generated revenues. 

With Visions Play online games, rest assured to enjoy your play anywhere, anytime, and on whatever device you use!